Randy Rogers has been and continues to be a great help to both my quartet and chorus. He produces learning tracks in a very timely and cost-efficient manner and is very easy to work with. Also, he has accommodated every request I have made as to song interpretations and various details of the learning tracks. He is very customer-focused and I highly recommend his “TunesFor4” services to anyone who needs high-quality learning tracks done quickly at a more-than-competitive price.

Joe Doub
V.P. Music & Performance / Assistant Director
Triad Harmony Express Chorus
Winston-Salem, NC  Chapter – Barbershop Harmony Society
Let’s Sing! – 2009 Dixie District Quartet Champion


Interested in getting dead-on accurate learning tracks in good quality for a very reasonable price and in quick order? Then there is no better way to go than to buy your learning tracks from TunesFor4. Randy Rogers even sends you a free preview of the recording! Thanks for everything, Randy!

Rob Hopkins

The reason for my message is to thank you, deeply, for this wonderful work.  I’m with you, brother.....where in heaven's name has this chart been?  I’ve sung the tag for forty years, but have never heard the entire text.  Certainly there are some things, maybe many, that will bring the song to its full glory, but YOUR work will set their eager feet upon the right road.  Again.....the only word i could use to describe what I was just sent by Craig is MASTERFUL!!  Your special talent is evident throughout, and the chart itself left me shaking.....which I am still doing!!  The chords and their leading shapes are just SCARY GOOD!!!  I asked Craig whose arrangement it is.  It sounds a bit SZABO'ESQUE!!  But, maybe CLAY HINE, or one of the other contemporary youngsters who have this incredible gift.
Thanks again, brother.....  I know you get paid for this magic you do, BUT THIS HAD TO HAVE BEEN A "GAS" TO SING AND PREPARE FOR THE GUYS!!!!  Your singing voice sounds very familiar to me!!  What quartets have you sung or are you singing with?  I know I’ve heard that voice before.....  :-) 

Don Kahl

Randy -
I would like to let everyone know that you have a gift. Not only as a gentleman but as someone who has a special talent in helping others who love barbershop music. I have sent two songs to you and both, which when completed, have given so much enjoyment to so many. Being a novice arranger such as I, you have helped me so much insuring that timing, notations and interpretation were just the way they should be. You gave me, after listening to the two songs that you made come to life, the desire to do more arranging, something which I love very dearly. Thanks for sharing your expertise with me. To everyone who reads this, I am 80 years old, a forty year plus member of the society and has never found anyone as talented and helpful as Randy.   I have other arrangements started and it's a great feeling to know that someone like you are there to insure that  my novice arrangements become a true barbershop reality. Thanks so much Randy.

Bob Turner 

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